Hanoi American International Hospital Abandoned Due to Lack of Interest

Hanoi American International Hospital Now Abandoned

Nineteen years after the investment certificates were granted, the Hanoi American International Hospital in the city’s Cau Giay District, has now been abandoned.

At first glance the site, overlooking Nghia Do Park, looks impressive with its glass fronted facade. But facade is all it is as closer inspection reveals a building site littered with piles of sand, rock and rusting equipment.

The three-thousand-square meter plot, which the US based Keystone Global Group once invested nearly $50 million in, now lays inactive, overgrown and left behind.

The only employees on the site left a long time ago. Two-years ago a middle-aged gardener, inside the grounds, told reporters that there were only three people working there. Each was paid only VND3 million ($140)

‘We keep asking for more money but they tell us that if we don’t like it we should leave.’

He said he had been told that Keystone were trying to sell the plot for $37 million.

Keystone have failed to respond to journalist’s enquires as emails go unanswered and calls not returned.

Keystone’s head office at 20 Doc Ngu Street, Hanoi, looks busy enough although enquiries to the owner reveal it is available to rent at between $1500-$2500 per floor per month, suggesting that Keystone have now moved out.

The Hanoi American International Hospital was planned to provide three-hundred beds with world class standards of care and feature a modern helicopter landing pad to cater for emergencies or disaster situations.

However, it has been a White Elephant from the beginning. The land clearance of the site took ten-years and the basic building work another four.

In 2011 a sleek new website announced the hospital would be opened in the November of that year and U.S President Barack Obama would be flying in to celebrate the official opening.

And then work abruptly ceased, without explanation. The project has now been abandoned with no word as to what will happen next.

Apart from the ex-gardener who said in 2014 that he had been told the plot was ‘up for sale.’

Story by Albert Jack

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Gallery courtesy of Vietnam Investment Review